My first steps to becoming an artist

Hello.  This is my very first post. I’m embarking on an adventure – an exploration of art and design – over the next year and I’d like to share that journey with you!

I’m a scientist by nature and by training, and have been pretty obsessed with maths and science-y stuff since I was about 11 or 12. I remember being put of art at a very early age at school.  Kids who were clearly naturally talented and could draw beautifully without really trying were helped to develop and mature – the rest of us were pretty much ignored.  I used to love to be expressive and generally make things, but getting 2/10 for homework consistently generally puts you off!

So since then, I’ve worked in analytical jobs and read science books and had my creative brain on the back burner. I’ve dabbled with artistic stuff over the years, like cross-stitch embroidery and oil painting  (which was fun!), but it wasn’t until I bought a new sewing machine about 4 years ago that I discovered a real outlet and a passion for textiles.  While I was a kid living at home, my mum tried time and again to show me how to sew, but I never paid much attention.  It’s been funny how turning 30 changes your perspectives on life.  After using the sewing machine to fix the curtains, I wondered what else I could use it for.

I’ve always been facinated by quilts – particularly in their use of geometry and colour (there’s the physicist brian talking). So I bought a bag of fabric scraps from my local fabric shop, and made my first quilt.  Four years on I’ve never looked back!

My very first block made from surprisingly co-ordinated scraps (2008)

My current style – part of a series of seasonal square block quilts I made last year

As I get older, more and more of me wants to be able to think in a creative way – like my art half of my brain knows how long its been neglected and is fighting back!  I’ve done lots of fairly traditional patchwork, and its time for me to edge out into the contemporary world of art quilting.  Over the next year I’ve got plans to study art and design, new quilting techniques and try to learn what’s possible, and hopefully have a bit of fun too!

I hope you’ll find my journey interesting!

1 thought on “My first steps to becoming an artist

  1. sheeny111

    Look fwd to following your exciting journey!! And maybe learn a few tips along the way!! I’m hopeless at sewing!! But really would like my daughter to get into it when she’s older! Xx


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