Journal Quilt Challenge

The thing about quilts is that the instinct is to think big, and make quilts that are pretty large.  This is great for showing off the beauty of a nice pattern, however a bed size quilt comes in at around 100” x 120” – not an insignificant undertaking!  Even a small quilt which just covers your lap is roughly around 60” x 60” and takes maybe 3 or 4 days to do the patchwork bit and another 2 or 3 days to quilt it.

A few years ago, some bright sparks came up with the idea of journal quilts – very small individual pieces, sometimes about the size of an A4 sheet or smaller – which you can use to practice your techniques and try out something new.  These can be done regularly and so map out your mood and feelings throughout the year.  Plus you get the sense of achievement of finishing something very quickly. Apparently they are quite fashionable in the quilting world at the moment (who’d have thought – me being fashionable!)

So, my challenge to myself for my artful year is to make one mini quilt, measuring 10” x 12”, each month.  I plan to try out some new technique or idea in each one. There’s lot of things I want to try already, and I’m sure a whole host of exciting techniques I’ve not even come across yet.

I managed to finish my first one this week for May which I created around the theme of fish. Just in time before June arrives!  Stay tuned for my next post to take a look!


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