Narrative workshop: every object tells a story

Busy day which ended in our first curated ‘exhibition’ of our personal objects, where mine looked something like this….Photo 17-09-2014 12 42 54

So how did we get there?

We had a fascinating day with Karen Richmond, talking about narrative and the ‘invisible thread’ which holds groups of objects together.  As a storyteller (both personally and professionally I suppose) I got this.  Every object tells a story.  It just might be a different story for every different person who looks at the object.  And that story might be different again if you place that object near to another which complements or accents something.  I got a little lost when going through some of the design examples – the language of critique is new to me, so I only followed some of it, but I think by the end of the day I was getting the point.

It was a great way to get us to understand discourse and get us started on sharing stories. Each of us brought personal or sentimental objects in this morning and shared their tales with the class.  Karen, with some sort of Freudian laser-sight, seemed to be able to psychoanalyse each person’s set of objects to make some incredible insights.  Isn’t it a wonder how different your perspective of what you think of a familiar thing, compared to how a stranger reads it.  After this we set up collections of the whole groups of things we had brought in, to see what objects complemented each other and ask why.  Some very interesting results.Photo 17-09-2014 12 15 28 Photo 17-09-2014 12 17 14 Photo 17-09-2014 12 19 34

I’d love to talk with Karen again, she was a great speaker / discussion-er (if that’s a word).



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