My project context: explaining the unexplainable

I can’t write my project context or research topic in sensible words yet. But here is a poem which tries somewhat to explain it. Or me. Or both.

Soul Mirror
Copyright Angelique Talbot 2014

Hold a mirror to your soul. What do you see?
I see that which is clear in the light,
The shadows of truth in the darkness
I look for the nature of reality;
The point where all breaks down: the quantum foam, 
The chaos butterfly, the liminal space,
The complex plot and the interwoven life;
Where all is not what it seems to be.
I seek to unearth the fundamental truths,
the smallest particle, the arrow of time,
the inner values;
What lies beyond, what lies beneath;
Other universes, other times, other realities,
The puzzle, the maze: the mystery and magic;
The natural silence of the passing cloud;
The flowing stream and the grain of sand.
I inhabit the infinite spaces,
The bell ringing in the darkness,
The ghost in the machine.


2 thoughts on “My project context: explaining the unexplainable

  1. stardust000

    As you “hold the mirror to your soul”, look for the simplicity in a complex world. Everything is connected and intertwined linking to form one in a maze. Small moves will bring answers to the many questions. First, find peace within, listen to the inner self by removing brain noise and the pieces will connect.


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