A few more thoughts on thoughts

I had time today to do a little more experimentation with my ideas for Bridget’s Getting Making workshop tomorrow. This was taking the idea behind my thread ball from yesterday’s post (which used the Japanese Temari as it’s inspiration) and pushing it a bit further. This was the result:

The piece came out reasonably well I thought considering I was following instinct rather than a plan. The curved wood pieces are meant to represent the curved bones of the skull, which is the physical container for our Minds, together with the neurones, blood vessels etc which make it all work. So what then are thoughts made of? I quite like this concept, I think it is really rich and has a lot of potential. I am also quite pleased with having unshackled myself from the constraint of making something useful straight away. These last few pieces were a lot more interesting than the ready made lampshades.

Also today I stared investigating the properties of paper clay – making a pierced pot and a small model. I am looking forward to see what they are like once fired. I am keen to push the transparency qualities that paper clay can have when very thin.



ANT xx

1 thought on “A few more thoughts on thoughts

  1. Eileen

    The images in these last 2 blogs are great – I got a real sense of a theme / narrative – not sure which is the better word – from looking at them.
    You obviously enjoyed creating them and that surely must be an esential!


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