Getting Making workshop 3

This week saw us present tutor Bridget and the class with our series of objects which progress from each other. Having made quite a few experiments I decided to drop the dodgy clay balls from my set and took in the paper swirls, my thread ball and the new piece I posted about on Tuesday. These seemed the most developed ideas. I added a few extra embellishments since my last post – some stitched thread sentences that often occur in the mind during meditation – will post a new photo shortly.

Response from the class was mixed – the paper swirls were first of thought as flowers, although one person eventually suggested they look like brains (perhaps that is because she remembered my topic?). The ball and wood things caused the most interest. Thoughts

— space inside wooden structure was viewed as the most interesting, with the strong lines and the tension caused by the interaction of the wood and string.
— I got a question on the clearly deliberate use of colour (white, red and black) and the mix of shiny v matte. Perhaps I need to be more obvious I am making a reference to the balance of visceral v intellectual mind.
— lots of excitement about my thread text (which was nice!), Bridget suggested it need not be legible. Wouldn’t it be interesting to do something like a Stream of Consciousness in stitch?
— ball too solid, can’t get light or space though a solid object. Try shaping, cutting or carving it?

I have clearly moved on from last week, and I do feel more excited about creating something firmly expressing my proposal ideas instead of worrying about the outcome for the moment (e.g. making a light). There will be time to apply functionality later – or not as the case may be! I feel like I am starting to get better at expressing my ideas, although I worry they may be a little too naive. As a newcomer to the art scene, I don’t really know what is seen as naive and what isn’t. That’s the cruciality of peer review I guess.

Next week’s workshop is the big one and last of Bridget’s making assignments I think – 6 new objects. 2 using ideas from this week (I think I will carry forward and develop the ball and the wood bones ideas); 1 object being the opposite of these two; 3 of the objects should embody your proposal as closely as possible. Lots to think about and lots to do!

Action look up Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth
Action carving text?

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