City & Guilds assessed piece #4

Due to various circumstances, I started my MA course at Camberwell without having quite finished my City & Guilds Design & Craft level 3 certificate. I still have two more assessed pieces to go, and the odd sample left to do.

This week, I have taken time out from my MA work to focus on getting assessed piece #4 completed ready to hand in to my tutor on Friday. I would like to get everything done before Christmas so I can fully focus on the MA work.  I think I might finally be there with this one, although I won’t have the write-up done by Friday! The task was to do a 3D box in any shape, and use any of the techniques we have sampled over the last two years which I have not used in my previous assessed pieces.  I decided to concentrate on the surface design with this piece and use fabric painting techniques and ‘thread painting’. Theme: Autumn!

This is the final piece: Photo 22-10-2014 10 49 09

And a collage showing the making story: pumpkinstorySo, what do I think, and what could be improved next time?

  • Technique: I started with brusho fabric dyes, which turned out to fade very quickly and be a bit washed out.  I switched to setacolour faric paints which gave a much more vibrant colour. Learning for next time:  I should have made a few more samples actually, looking at a range of options for the background.  I went with what was in my sketchbook and didn’t like it on the piece, so changed it on the go. The thread painting worked really well, and I used my hand-drawn scarecrow design to add some moodiness to the corn field stitched around the rest of the box.
  • Design: I like the unusual pumpkin shape for the box, it is much more interesting then my first draft (which was a square box with commercial pumpkin fabric!). I simplified down the lining design a little as there is only so much bling which looks good.  I had thought to do the lining via the ‘bag method’ but this turned out to be impractical for keeping the pumpkin shape on the inside.  This left me with a sudden puzzle on how to finish the edges. Zig zagging looked scruffy so, I came up with the nice idea of making a vine to wrap around each edge and use this to hold the lid on as well.  I think the lid hasn’t quite worked as well as intended – perhaps this needed a thicker interfacing to make this stand up.

Overall, good and meets the brief, but would review the structural design for next time. I liked the surface design techniques (as it involves paint) and I really enjoyed making the stitched vines.  I will review to see which of the techniques used would be useful to carry into my MA Project.

So now I just have my final piece – a full size art quilt – to do next!

ANT xx

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