Dimensionality II

More experiments in the dimensional stitching stream today, this time working with different fibres  I started from the swirly worm-hole like stitches from the weekend and tried to make this into a stable 3D form.  I used rice paper (a calligraphers’ most common carrier of information) to represent the structure – which is in a sense, an information portal.  This is the result: Photo 27-10-2014 13 18 25

I liked working with this type of structure – I think this is what appeals to me from Naomi Kobayashi’s work – but I do need to identify a new process for making it.  Currently feels a bit makeshift, and I know Maiko won’t settle for ill formed objects. Worth exploring more – and I will see if I can source more info on Naomi Kobayahsi and her husband.

Next came the completion of my brain bones type object, following on from the one I made in wood, just with all colour and symbology removed.  My ‘bones’ pieces were finally finished and out of the kiln. Not sure this one really works and I think I might put this one to bed. I do however like the outcome of the paperclay. The texture is amazing and unglazed, has such a nice feel to it as well as being featherlight. If I come back to clay in some way, it will most certainly continue to be paperclay or paper porcelain.

Finally, an unexpected and surprisingly successful dimensional object. I like this, and I like the natural fibres. There was beautiful sunshine coming through the windows making interesting shadows – hence the photo:

Final notes for the day – we are still prepping the objects for the Getting Making mini exhibition in the college library. Our tutor did a quick survey and vetting of what we had all put out for display.  After ‘vetting’, I am putting two objects out. Maiko felt the others didn’t really reflect my project / didn’t really articulate my idea very well.  I entirely agreed, but at the time it was the best idea of my proposal I had – I still had my multiple streams of project ideas right up until my proper reflection on Thurdsay last week. I didn’t know these final objects would be exhibited, so I was still experimenting.  I am beginning to learn that we need to experiment with more finesse – even samples need to be made with intent and with care and attention.  No more sticky tape holding things in place… I entirely respect Maiko’s views and I know she is trying to keep us pushing towards a suitable high quality and representation of our work which fits with the level of discourse viewers will expect.  We represent not only ourselves as practitioners but also the MADM course and the college. In retrospect however, I would have liked an extra week in the workshop series – to give us a chance for us to reflect properly on what we had done over the previous weeks (which was all done very quickly, with little time for thought) and then have one final assignment to make something which incorporated that learning. It wasn’t until the workshops were over that I really started to get some of the key things around materials, process, context etc. that we’ve been exposed to so far.  Perhaps this is simply as a result of me not having studied an art course at BA level, or maybe the others are feeling this too. Either way, this is what is going out in the library tomorrow:Photo 27-10-2014 16 13 24

ANT xx


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