Visual research workshop

An unexpected workshop which I accidently gatecrashed yesterday, joining the second year students and Shane W, looking at how to utilise visual research to support our projects. Very useful, and a great reminder of how useful drawing can be in interpreting an idea – no matter how “well” you think you can draw.

Some of the exercises were very quick – 2mins for a drawing – but I thought this kept up the pace and made sure you didn’t over think anything. Then being asked to suddenly turn a 3D line drawing into 3D was really surprising.  I have always been a fan of working in sketchbooks, and this should give me a few more ideas on being more creative with it.

Photo 13-11-2014 14 42 45

Photo 13-11-2014 11 59 02Photo 13-11-2014 16 19 03Photo 13-11-2014 16 18 50Photo 13-11-2014 15 25 52Photo 13-11-2014 16 19 19

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