Wandering Wednesday @ British Museum

A break from quilting this afternoon with a little trip out to wander around the British Museum. There were a couple of interesting special exhibitions on upstairs which both related to ritual, religion and superstition. First one was Witches and Wicked Bodies – exploring the relationship between witches, sorcery and the artistic imagination. It was rather gruesome portrayal how witches were seen as the harbingers of misfortune and horror, and also I thought, a quite blatant display of bias against women, particularly when you read the cards. Quite a lot of the images were like this:

This was my drawing sketched in the print room

Photo 26-11-2014 17 54 17

The second display was an almost exact opposite: Pilgrims, healers and wizards, a study on Buddhism and religious practices in Burma and Thailand. It was a really interesting display of Buddha images, amulets and paintings; there was also a lovely case of offerings – gifts given to increase karma, appease potent beings, ensure protection and enable a devotee to access a being’s power.

Photo 26-11-2014 13 49 44



1 thought on “Wandering Wednesday @ British Museum

  1. eileen

    This is I know a sweeping generalisation but – Seems to sum up one of the cultural differences that has developed between East and West !


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