Imbolc inspired making

So, with my research progressing and the fact that Imbolc itself is only a few days away, it seems apt to be making stuff inspired by it. First, the symbols and feelings I wanted to express with whatever I make.

  • Correspondences: Earth / Air; white, yellow, green
  • Aspect of the Maiden Goddess: emergence, youth, purity, new beginnings, rebirth, renewal, sexuality, initiation

I started by making the traditional Brigit’s Cross to get myself going. Since I’ve no rushes or straw to hand, I used a textile equivalent! I went with white as a classic symbol of purity.

Photo 26-01-2015 18 07 49

These were my next experiments using the Brigit’s cross form. I wanted to look at the idea of the earth being a “womb” for the new seeds of spring at this time of year. This also echoes the ideas of the rebirth of the Maiden Goddess. Just made out of card as maquettes, pending a decision on materials.

Photo 26-01-2015 18 07 28

…and after some more thinking, this was the next version of the model. Good progress I think. Currently not using any colour, although I am tempted to add some red flowers somewhere to represent a young maiden’s ‘flowering’ – particularly since ritual basket making is commonly associated with the commencement of menstruation. Anyway a digression for later perhaps.

Photo 26-01-2015 18 06 18

And finally, while playing with a new material which I picked up yesterday this was an impulse make – but I really like how it came out.

Photo 26-01-2015 18 06 44

2 thoughts on “Imbolc inspired making

  1. eileen

    I think these are excellent – both in idea and execution – they feel very positive – fitting for the new year ( I am learning so much about our history too)


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