Visual research Workshop take 2 (part 1)

A second chance at the visual research workshop with Shane. This time I was in from the beginning, which was really useful as I got all of the context and had come prepared. We started by pinning up the pictures we had brought on the wall – 2 of our own drawings, 2 drawings from other people and 2 pictures of our own work.

Next the fun bit! We lined the tables with paper, then Shane tipped out the contents of his drawing goody bag onto the table. We all got to draw something from the stuff in front of us, then had to extend and develop that motif and follow it round the whole table, overlapping and integrating with others’ drawings too. It was a bit like a game of twister! I was drawn (no pun intended!) to the pile of rubber bands, and ended up drawing loops and loopy patterns. We also were asked to draw something using just shading – this was really interesting and a little challenging!

We then had to cut pieces of the resulting splurge which appealed to us. I went for repeating patterns and tight spirals.



After that we had a run of quick exercises
– mapping our cut out bits with our images on the wall. I could clearly see the link to the weaving and the spaces I had been working with.
– finding a way to physically demonstrate this mapping on the wall
– draw the images on the wall (3min time limit)
– draw two images of an extract of this drawing
– draw three more based from this image
– make something 3d from these final images!

I enjoyed the speed of these exercises; they allow you to express what’s in your head without thinking about it at all. It is really interesting to see thoughts rising to the surface that you didn’t know where there. When you look back on it, you can see how it fits in with your research. It’s also nice to draw without any need to do something “good”. This need for perceived quality drawing is what can be crippling for sketchbook work. This was my final image wall:

2015/01/img_1219.jpgOverall it is was fun morning! Shane is a great tutor. I’m looking forward to part two tomorrow morning.

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