Making a line in the sand

I’ve been quiet on the blog for almost a week, while I try to get to grips with what to do next. After my tutorial last week, I felt very disappointed with my progress, but can see clearly the issues raised in my feedback in my work. Nothing insurmountable, but needs a different approach to my research and a different way of balancing thought, vision, theory and action.

So. First some “motivational” statements representing some of the things I want to apply to my way of working in general:


Then I asked myself some questions, which I MUST be able to answer in order to actually make anything with the right intent behind it.

What is my project about?
Making as ritual: I am interested in how the process of making can be a a ritualised activity for the maker, capturing the essence of a ritual process within their work.

Why am I interested in this?
This is my own personal journey through the complexity of life, searching for balance and inner stillness. I need to find my own space and sense of identity.

What am I trying to express?
I want to make works which reflect on this journey and how important ritual is to our connection with the universe. I am seeking to capture our experiences of moments – pure moments of clarity, mystery or depth. Moments which leave you on the edge of something bigger….even if only for the most fleeting of instants. These fragile but powerful experiences can guide and shape our lives.

So next, as I said in my introduction, I want to rebalance thought, vision, theory and action. This means thinking less about what I am aiming to make at the end, or what it is for, or about the bigger picture for my project, or what Maiko will think. It means thinking more about my expression, my experience of the feeling I am working with; more about each and every material which is used and what it says – and how this narrative changes with the processes I use upon it, and with the context it is placed in.

This week, I have stepped back and begun work again from a single, small but powerful experience, one I in fact mentioned on the blog back last autumn: that of my unavoidable habit listening to the rain. The literal feeling of the sound of the rain, pulling you so completely out of day to day activity into a state of hypnotic thought, where you exist – for just an instant – entirely in the moment.

I’m doing some drawing and sketchbook work initially. I will summarise progress in a later blog post when I’ve had time to reflect on how it’s going.


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