Inspirational photos of the day

I’ve been exploring how to take forward my current calligraphy work onto the next level today. Got some interesting experiments on the go (we will see how they turn out tomorrow!); my focus is on the material properties. I have written down what I like in my calligraphy drawings – in my notebook and sketchbook – and want to find other materials which embody these ideas.

I have a few good ideas so far! First of these good ideas is continuing to work with that most ordinary material, paper. This encapsulates my project philosophy of seeing the extraordinary though the ordinary. What can I do with paper to make it express an extraordinary moment?

Some inspirational photos to start me off.

Raija Jokinen (Finland)


Donna Sakamoto Crispin (USA)


Dorothy McGuiness (USA)


Naomi Kobayashi (Japan)


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