MA Designer Maker pop up show

We were offered a last minute spot in Camberwell space to hold an impromptu pop-up show. All hands on deck to get things up and ready in around three days! As the college aren’t holding a formal interim show this year, we made the pop-up about experiments and test pieces for all of the first and second years’ ongoing work.

IMG_0337 It was great experience of how to get a show ready and some of the things we will need to consider for the final show when it comes – curation is new to most of us, but it is an eye opener to see how different objects say quite different things when placed next to certain objects. After having a few weeks struggling with progress, I was pleased that one of my later experiments with the silk paper was good enough to show. I wanted to suspend it over the table, but in the short time we didn’t manage to find a way to hang it. A lesson on time needed for planning for the next show! A couple of days of display, some good feedback on the show in the black book, and then it was all over. This was us setting up the final arrangement:



IMG_0338 and finally, a close up of my piece, an experiment with silk paper titled, the unwatched moon.


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