2015 Journal Quilt Challenge

So at last the end of term break has arrived. A chance for a change of pace and some reflection on the term past, as well as a few fun things. One of the fun things on my to do list is catching up with my 2015 JQ challenge, set by the Contemporary Quilt group of the UK Quilter`s Guild. Each month we need to create a small quilt of a set size – this year being 6” x 12” – on any theme of our choosing.

My theme for this year is going to be Bloodlines. I thought I would look into this work in my sketchbook…



The theme will let me play with my calligraphy work and different ways of transferring stories (and my newly named “stream of consciousness” poetry).  I think i will keep the colour palette limited to allow the techniques to vary. This was my starting point for my January quilt, based on a poem written in one sitting one lonely afternoon. This one used fabric marker and watercolour paints.


And today i finally finished the quilt! Added a bit of tannin printing and a lot of seed stitching. Happy with this one.


I also got started on the February JQ today, a nice step from the first experiments, but still based upon a poem written in one stream, calligraphy and ink. Also used some of my hand dyed fabric made using tannin staning.This is the progress so far – layers pinned and ready for quilting.



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