Our summer holiday, due to various random things needed to be taken early, so HB and I jetted off across the Atlantic for my first visit to New York City. I surprised myself by how much I liked it, granted we were lucky to see it in warm (but not hot), beautifully sunny spring weather, but it has such a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere. And very tasty food.

Serendipity found us arriving in the midst of the NYCXDesign festival; we managed to get to a few events – hot off the heals of Collect 2015 at the Saachi Gallery, this was a good chance to compare it with a US design show. We visited Collective Design 2015, with a lot of exhibitors fresh from the Milan Fair. Very much a high-end design show, this had a mixture of furniture, interior design objects and a lot of ceramics. There was a few interesting textile-based products, but much less “art objects” than at Collect. Highlight for me was a small sculpture from a Norwegian designer, using patina on copper discs.

2015-05-13 13.07.34

A few other interesting works here:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We also managed to run across a very small but exquisite exhibition of Japanese boxes, in a small gallery in a trendy part of town (after we had some very trendy gourmet pizza from one of New York’s coal-fired pizza ovens). This was all products for sale, but was curated beautifully. A great example of how I find simplicity and elegant lines enhance the look of an object.

My favourite was a well-done mix of strong geometric and organic lines. Slightly too pricey to bring home, but I would have these in my house!

2015-05-13 15.25.38

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