1 thought on “Context is everything

  1. eileen

    This is absorbing – thank you for sharing it with me

    my own first responses – without any analysis –

    -a human life (emotionally /philosophically /psychologically ) has always been complex and very varied
    – even when the context was “simple”

    – I like the idea of complex/ varied /simple / orderly / messy /cultivated / natural mixed up or separate…even when it may not always feel good/ right –

    nature (if meaning “uncultivated”) has always been with us to see – even in the tiny pockets of green in the concrete – and humans have always strived to cultivate giving meaning and control to their lives – a context – to “belong” in some way – with or without other people

    Maybe I’m saying we all have a place

    Hasn’t there always been a “natural /inevitable” conflict between change ie new – different and the familiar and known? – at least until the former becomes the latter – until the next change? a rolling process that is life?
    Do we loose our sense of place etc or is it a more an ever changing continuum – with times of feeling lost happening while in the first period of experiencing that change?

    Re your thought about too many words –

    I was struck very recently by hearing someone (on the radio?) saying that if we don’t have a word to describe how we feel or see and hear we are not likely to be able to keep the memory of it – the reason why we look for a “focus” or “hook”



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