Alice Fox workshop day 3

A great day today – under the heading of MANIPULATE. We used a range of different making techniques to play with our found materials including thread making, leaf stitching, plaiting and weaving. We spent all morning in the sunshine sat in the buttercup meadow. I really enjoyed making string out of grass and was abnormally pleased with the little string ball I made!

2015-06-26 19.16.07

We carried on with a thread theme in the afternoon to do some weaving, so I finally got a chance to use my old tapestry frame I normally use for silk painting. I really enjoyed this too and could really see myself making more weavings. We captured a response to our day out in the fields in the weaving we were doing – this was my final sample:


Finally the heat of this week finally dried out our Eco printing bundles, so we got to unwrap those. The fabric bundles didn’t really work and I have had much better results with my own Eco dye experiments. The paper printing came out much more successfully though, with more of the details coming through.


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