Who are you where you are?

Following on from my discussion with Shane a couple of weeks back, I have done my first test of an ‘ephemeral’ temporary sculpture out on site (I wouldn’t really call it site-responsive as such). Since I made the weaving it hasn’t stopped raining / drizzling, so have been a bit delayed in getting out to take some shots. Interesting results in the end though.

  • I like: the camera, my latest obsession is providing a lot of fun, although I’m still not great, I’m getting better at scene setting.
  • I like: the atmosphere of the resulting photos, I have tested a few different approaches to the light, so they don’t stand as a set – but this is an experiment after all!

But where do I take the photos? Somewhere “meaningful” or somewhere random? Does this make a difference to the viewer? If I don’t tell you (dear blog readers) where these photos were taken, does it matter? What do they say to you?


DSC_0379 copy


2 thoughts on “Who are you where you are?

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  2. Eileen Westmuckett

    I really really like these – I smiled a lot and am still smiling typing this- – what you call randomness doesnt really feel random – you are there so there is a context – and a piece of sculpture in a non gallery setting is very how we are today – no set rules about what is OK or not OK – the weaving sculpture works for me better than the re-cycled maps – maybe because it feels newer / different for me and Iike the “moving to new ideas” idea!


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