Assessment time!

It is finally here! After 435 days at Camberwell our very first formal assessment has arrived. I don’t like rushing around in last minute panics, so I spent the whole day getting everything prepared and ensuring my table reflects my overall narrative. The tutors arrive for marking tomorrow…

In the end, I decided that the links shown from my work and my references are actually continuous, and even though I have iterated my proposal a few times (I am now on v2.2) it really is the same thing at the root which I have been searching for. I grouped all of my work by process – as the making process has become a core of my work, something I am very pleased I understand properly at last. We have to curate our samples, and since I have done rather a lot of them over the year, I had to choose what to drop out. Things like the #100cubes project (badly made), the daily squares (ill-conceived idea), some of the ritual baskets (materially confused). What ended up on the table was essentially either samples of basketry/weaving processes, or mark-making/drawing based on psychogeography. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!

I am surprisingly pleased by this fact, as I had been worried I wouldn’t find the narrative in my journey. And there it is staring me in the face. Here is a wee snapshot of my submission…

2015-11-09 14.24.29

The one thing I added to the table which wasn’t exactly in the requirements list, is a vision for my Unit 2 work. After the pearls of wisdom from Sandya last year, I have wanted to have a clear and focussed idea to move forward with. This I finally have, and I am very excited about being able to get into depth with this idea ready for the show. More in a future post about the project in detail….


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