Orientation and map making workshop

We had the chance to drop into a workshop the lovely Bridget was running for the first years this morning, the aim of which was to essentially make a giant context map for the whole MADM cohort. I was taking part primarily to observe and document the process, seeing how the mind mapping process was approached by the participants and how we went from blank page to completed map.

The first stage was creating a physical map by standing people in groups according to their future vision (get a job, run a studio etc.). We then started to join people according to what materials they use in their practice.

DSC_0481 DSC_0488

One of the key things I noticed was the fluidity of the map – what Bridget was doing was essentially changing the projection method and watching what happens. The links and points stay the same but the arrangement of the network moves. This is something I will be very keen to look into more.

The second half of the exercise was to create a mind map using cards/pictures for the context of the entire class. This was very interesting to watch and see the overlaps of everyone’s work. I did feel a little isolated sadly though, as my work still seems to drop of the very edge of the group – even more so in comparison with the first years as they seem to be very design / product heavy. This is something I have to just accept as it is more critical than ever for us to be true to our own practices – and do the work we want/need to do for ourselves.

This was the resulting map:
2015-11-12 12.24.23

2015-11-12 12.24.07


Overall very informative and fun, as always with Bridget’s workshops. Lots of thoughts to take away.


1 thought on “Orientation and map making workshop

  1. Eileen Westmuckett

    My first thought is that you have -been there – done that – ! and have developed to where you now have focus of your own – for yourself – I dont think being a unique individual is an either /or state so I want to say don’t feel lonely – on the edge of whatever – be happy to be there – connected and not connected is fine – much more interesting than only being part of a group!


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