Unit 1 Assessment Feedback

We got our assessment feedback today. I feel like I really want to write about it – to process it – but can’t figure out what to say or what to think. The unit was essentially just pass or fail, and having passed (yay!) that’s great. Once HB gets home I will be seeking out that bottle of rather nice Pinot he sneaked onto the wine rack last week. Celebrate your successes and all that. On second thoughts maybe I won’t wait for him….

What I’m not so sure about is the written feedback. I can’t tell if it’s incredibly critical and condemning of my work or if its really helpful and hopeful that I can improve. Maybe it’s both. We have a chance to discuss it with Maiko on Monday so that should give me some time to reflect on it properly, but my initial reaction was to have got upset about it.

I think I’m just really tired, it’s been a really long term, and I’m frustrated that the tutors still don’t get what I’m trying to say with my work – neither in my project proposal nor in the work itself. I wonder if they are trying to say its actually me who still doesn’t understand what I’m trying to do. The other thing that frustrates me, is when they say “be more ambitious, take more risks”. What does that actually mean? What do I need to do to take more risks? I must be missing something as I just don’t know what they mean by risky. Should I know? is that what my problem is?


At least they liked my blog  🙂


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