Feedback tutorial with Maiko

This is what I took away:

  • Try making without thinking so much
  • My research paper was good, so use the learning found in it to help guide your making
  • Proposal seems to have been re-focussed to try to make it more objective – you don’t need to do this. It is ok for work to be subjective and about your journey as other people can still relate to this. Recall the context you uncovered in the research paper. It is fine to keep updating it though, the Unit 1 Submissions wasn’t a final draft.
  • Consider talking to others about how their sense of self is shaped by a sense of place – more than just words, you remember things with all of your senses (although everyone remembers differently)
  • Try to do a mini-project which is material led, this doesn’t have to be part of the bigger context, just something to help me work differently
  • Re: Unit 2 / future practice, it’s time to start thinking about your future audiences and channels – if you want to exhibit etc, who is your audience and where would you want to sell / show your work
  • Consider other definitions of locality – locality can be within a person (you make your own place within your self). My work has always been about place: the human narrative, history, impressions and memories overlayed onto a physical space is the key within my project, it’s not just about experience of a space



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