Group crit with Maiko

We had a catch up with our course tutor just as our last ‘off-site’ break begins to end. I have reached the point of being very tired with everything now, and struggling to find motivation to keep going – but it is only eleven weeks to the end of the course now.

I shared my ideas for a large scale installation, in what was a very positive overall discussion with the group.


They all seemed to like the overall concept of an immersive installation, even if the consensus was that I could continue to strengthen and improve the specific presentation of my idea. They offered comments about each of the components: the map string itself was received well, and we had fun stretching one piece of yarn out across the studio to its full length. Questions were raised about why I had initially thought to keep it under tension – why did I want to do that? What about using its more organic form straight from its making? There were also some ideas on making the installation exploiting the different places I am transforming into yarn. Each place is different so could have a different form.

On the poetry, the question remained as to what I wanted people to be able to take from it and how best to get this across. I could still go back to the idea of the book of poetry, or Maiko suggested poems for each of the places being constructed from the maps. There is also my ongoing research on the stream of consciousness and using this as the source material for comprehending one’s sense of self. Do I make more use of the stream of consciousness idea but in an alternative form to just writing words on the wall?

Show: T-9 weeks


1 thought on “Group crit with Maiko

  1. Eileen

    good to hear that you got an overall positive experience out of the group critique – my comments – go with your words – poetry – map strings – your inner voice – the ideas that can still engage you at this weary end stage – you have done enough for this course – so search out some private personal satisfaction for yourself while completing your project – its good now


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