Installation dry run I

My first step (which was actually a few weeks ago now) was to gather a series of mock threads using a thick paper yarn to resemble the finished length map threads. I tested with 13 threads which was the number I had made at the time.


Bunched at the top and tied to a tension wire, then just dropped – no untying or manipulating.


  • Nice organicness to it
  • I like the way there is a number of different centres to it – does this imply a meaning where there is a home?
  • Nice to have a long stream from the back – but how practical is this in our show space
  • Does this look ok with a limited number of threads?



Taking test one and untangling, spreading apart roughly around the centre


  • Don’t like this – looks untidy and overly-constructed.



Bunched together as one strand completely


  • Don’t like this either, although this may be not helped by the tightly coiled nature of the test threads – the real thing won’t twist quite like this



Making a core strand made up of maps of “home” twisted using the same technique as the individual yarns are made


a) the stranded core is a lovely object in its own right, resembling a laid up rope. I could display this by itself?

b) adding outer threads to the core then dropping from the tension wire as per test 1. This core looks very good, but perhaps needs to be bigger?  Do I want more than one core, or will this be distracting once the threads are in colour?



Using double the number of threads – in this case testing with 26 threads.


  • would this suit a second inner core? (another strand of self which is rooted in a set of places)
  • wrapping the inner core around the other threads works really well. Would this work with the heavier map paper yarns?
  • Which places should I pick out for the core – places which cannot be forgotten, places which cannot be lost – forever etched onto the facets of our self.
  • Would this piece look better with a book of poetry alongside?



Is straight down the only option? What about hanging at both ends?


  • would allow a more immersive display, people could walk around it
  • interesting where the shorter strands drop out of the main set of yarns
  • may be a good way of seeing the yarns close up
  • But is there any meaning associated with the second hanging?
  • Would you be able to tie this in a way which doesn’t look odd?
  • Does this type of hanging need significantly more threads to look good?

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