I’m an eclectic mix of art, craft and hard science, looking for a path through life through thinking and making.

My blog started out as my reflective journal for my MA Designer Maker at Camberwell College. I’ve enjoyed writing so much, I’m keeping this as an ongoing record of experiments, thoughts and reflection on my practice.

My full portfolio is available to look at on my main website.

My practice explores our concepts of self, identity and place, searching for a sense of belonging which cannot be found. My work is a conversation between language and memory – the bridges between the physical world and our world of personal experience. Language allows us to communicate with each other, to talk to ourselves, and to identify ourselves.

Many of the processes I use in my work are based on the creation of structure through transformation, layering and repetition. I engage with the language of poetry as a way to access the communication of our inner self, both as a raw, immediate art form in itself, as well as exploring the possibilities of the visual poem through the materiality of ink, paper and fibres.


1 thought on “About

  1. mhelenx

    I’m happy to follow you and watch your development to a creative career. Physics as a background is creative itself and will allow you to visualise patterns and symbols and explore areas of artistic wonders. Be free and open-minded and allow chaos to become one with order.


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