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Visual research workshop take 2 part 2

The second part of Shane’s workshop was just as fun as the first part, but a little more reflective. We started by each discussing our evaluation of our first session and writing down the key words that kept coming up.

We then had to try to capture an image relating to these words. Shane described it like creating a visual alphabet – I thought this was a fascinating exercise, and a challenge to not want to create one image and develop it, but to create a set of 15 or so smaller separate images. This was my final set – clearly showing some of the things which have been on my mind lately.


After this, we were asked to cut some images out of a magazine which echoed some of our ‘visual alphabet’. We then needed to draw images to get from one to the other. Kind of like those old word play games but with pictures.


The really fun part was then to combine the alphabet images with the image play ones and create the pages for a small graphic book. This got us thinking about more than just continuity of line – there was the symbols, colour tones and textures to add and play with as well.such a lovely idea and a simple was to express pure creativity without the hindrance of over thinking. This was my final set of pages at the end of the day. I may review after a few days before binding!