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Boundaries of reality

I’ve been mulling over the place where my new proposal is at over the week ‘off’ from college work to bake cake. I think I have an idea of how to combine the key ideas I’m working with – which come from all 4 versions of my proposal so far!

For now, my current theme word which I will focus on as a minimum for the next two weeks (before I head off to China!) will be BOUNDARIES. I will wait until later to write up more words on what I mean by this, and hopefully more progress on my updated proposal question, combining mythology, magic and mathematics (working title). For now, here are some photo inspirations I took last week to show what I mean from a winter visit to Littlehampton West Beach Nature Reserve.

Ach, I can’t resist – here are a few words…


Air / Water / Earth
Air / Earth / Metal

IMG_1331 IMG_1333 IMG_1335