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Taking a break from working on The Big Exhibition Quilt today as I need to tack the quilting before doing any more hand stitching (hence procrastinating as I really hate tacking!). This gave me a chance to work on some of the ideas from the last rock/tree object and take a next step. I tried to look at some of the land art inspirations I have been researching and incorporate some of the ideas I really like.  I’m also starting to try to  incorporate more of the textile skills I already have and transform them into new materials.  I have done rather a lot of ‘dimensional stitching’ so far, but not really looked at the patchwork or quilting techniques I know.  Definitely a plan for term 2!

For now though, these were the two experimental objects I made today.

First: Rock Basket (wood, rock, single strand of silk thread) [Earth / Air]

This was used a weaving technique with a very fine and delicate silk thread – I liked using just a single strand all the way through the piece as well. The rock, meant as an offering, is trapped within the structure which is weaved around it. This is in order to show how the air element – represented here by the delicate silk and space within the weave, has the power to control and overcome earth.

The second object looks at patchwork with non-textile materials (wood, steel pins, leaves, red cotton thread, hessian). [Earth in fear of fire]

Photo 28-11-2014 11 49 58Photo 28-11-2014 11 50 07

This was to some extent in response to the work of Richard Shilling, and starting to use my patchwork skills – I need to collect some more newly fallen leaves to see how the texture of fresh leaves can change the object. I really liked this work, and this this is an interesting direction to explore.