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Elementals III

In my catch up with Maiko last week, she suggested I explore other making processes and also that I make some 3D forms. So I thought I would start the week off following on from where I left off with the elemental inspired basket-things I made last week.

IMG_0296At first there was a realm of fire and ice
Paper, acrylic, sand

IMG_0297At first there was a realm of fire and ice (detail)

IMG_0298Elementals: Fire (Queen of Wands) II
Paper, acrylic

IMG_0299Elementals: Fire (Queen of Wands) II
(Detail of tri-axial weave)

I’m actually happy with progress for once!

Boundaries of reality

I’ve been mulling over the place where my new proposal is at over the week ‘off’ from college work to bake cake. I think I have an idea of how to combine the key ideas I’m working with – which come from all 4 versions of my proposal so far!

For now, my current theme word which I will focus on as a minimum for the next two weeks (before I head off to China!) will be BOUNDARIES. I will wait until later to write up more words on what I mean by this, and hopefully more progress on my updated proposal question, combining mythology, magic and mathematics (working title). For now, here are some photo inspirations I took last week to show what I mean from a winter visit to Littlehampton West Beach Nature Reserve.

Ach, I can’t resist – here are a few words…


Air / Water / Earth
Air / Earth / Metal

IMG_1331 IMG_1333 IMG_1335