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Alice Fox workshop day 2

The excitement continued today with experiments using printing techniques as the backbone. We started the day with another walk where a few of us ventured out into a beautiful meadow edged with thick woodlands, spending an hour or so watching, listening and drawing. Not doing so well on the collecting, but part of me feels bad for picking things up moving them out of context into the shiny whiteness of the studio.

This was the photo of the day – a Richard Long tribute walk through buttercup meadow

2015-06-24 11.06.37

We played with two printing techniques once back in the studio – direct transfer printing from the botanicals and using a pasta machine as a miniature printing press. We also used some of the rust dyed strips from yesterday to overprint onto – giving some lovely results. My absolute standout favourite was using the pasta machine for embossing – I’ve never done this and the clean crisp lines of white on white (no ink whatsoever) really appeals.

Alice also gave us some little ideas which we could use as starting points – today I focussed on trying to translate sounds into imagery. I did end up back into drawing with words again (both Anita and Maiko would laugh at my predictability here) but I can’t seem to help myself. I need to try to exploit this I think rather than endlessly fight it.

2015-06-24 17.10.07 2015-06-24 17.11.14

Overall thoughts – it was a great sunny summer’s day, and very useful to learn the techniques. I think it’s getting clear in my mind that I don’t really get on with directly using the nature forms (leaves etc) in my work as I keep trying to go more abstract. I really liked the translation of movement (a journey) into¬†line, and my attempt at capturing the genius loci of a meadow (bottom three strips in the image above).

More new things tomorrow!