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Trees and tesseracts

Well.  Week 2 is almost done, and the pace is speeding up! I have had time for yesterday’s mindmapping session to seep in now. Although I did feel a bit overwhelmed with the chaos of my map (having only just scrapped my previous proposal 6 hours earlier), it was a really great session.  As someone who has been a creative facilitator for 8 odd years, it was pleasantly freeing to be on the other side of the process for a change, and let someone else guide you.

I have re-translated yesterday’s map onto a bigger big of paper on my wall and added more ideas to it, so I can continue to expand as time goes on.  We need to make more connections between our ideas and expand links to the work of other artists – relevant to our ideas or techniques we like or processes etc.  I still don’t have a research question yet (I think I need a few more days to leave this to settle) but the links between all of my components are starting to become clearer.

Current project working title: “Soul Mirror”Photo 12-09-2014 19 17 04


One of things Bridget said which I felt I really ought to take to heart, was the advice to just keep  making, and strengthen the connection between your head and your hands.  I have been having doubts that I am good enough to do the course – but I know I am being irrational.  I know I have potential to make good stuff, I just need practice – for which we have plenty of time.  So…. serendipity struck, and on my way back from my morning swim I came across a small bush (more like half a tree), just lying all decoratively by the path. How could I resist!

Photo 12-09-2014 10 29 05

After an afternoon spent playing with my tree (followed by playing with the hoover to clean up the bits of tree from most of the house), this was the creation which resulted:

Photo 12-09-2014 16 55 09

Photo 12-09-2014 16 47 02

This is “Tomorrow-land”. The box is an organic representation of a hypercube (tesseract) using tree bits and linen twine – the hypercube being the only way we can represent 4D space using our 3 spatial dimensions. The small man sits alone within the older inner cube, fearful of a journey into the expanding space time of tomorrow.

It may be rough and ready, but it’s nice to be making!

ANT xx

Getting going workshop

Resulting mind map from today’s getting going workshop with Bridget.

Photo 11-09-2014 16 33 08

A proper reflection to follow when I have had time to take it all in.  Immediate reactions (in chronological order):

  1. This is fun
  2. I have lots of words on my bit of paper
  3. Hmm.  None of them relate to one another
  4. I know more artists than I realise!
  5. None of these lines join up with my current practice
  6. What am I going to do with all of this?
  7. Experiment for a year doing what??
  9. Meep.
  10. Bridget says just keep making, just keep making
  11. Bit like that fish film
  12. I like fish