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More corn weaving

Autumn is setting now and the sunny days are turning more frequently to rain, the long evenings into longer nights. It seems perfectly appropriate to be working with the raw materials of this summer’s harvest in making experiments capturing a place and moment in time.

After my first set of weaving experiments with the beautiful Maris Widgeon wheat, I decided there was enough potential in the material to do more. The wheat is grown and harvested in Staffordshire using traditional methods using no artificial fertilisers. The wheat is sown during the first week of October and is cut in late July, around 2 weeks before it is fully ripe, while there is still a hint of green in the stem, and the ears are erect. The sheaves are air dried by hanging them upside down.

For the next set of experiments I wanted to continue to test different traditional weaves but apply them in different ways. First was a number of traditional plaited weaves: a 7-strand flat braid and a compass plait.

2015-09-14 17.00.01

I plan to make a few more strips of this nature and then experiment with pulling them together into a form inspired by the pictures in my last post and my current favourite quotation:

“Where people live is both local and universal, both particular to the individual and particular to everyone…the path…is both a very particular place…and also a universal path, like all other paths”
(Malpas 2007, p78)

I also wanted to start making the finish a bit more shiny, to make sure the experiments move from samples to ‘finished’ test pieces. I know this is going to be increasingly important as we inch closer to the assessment and Unit 2. This next weave was a repeat of the 5-strand spiral plait I did a few weeks ago with more care taken with the finish. I will take this and form it into a more complete piece once it has dried fully.

2015-09-14 17.01.17

Liking this material. Curious as to how mixing corn with the steel cables would be.